Cactus Margarita Mix™

There's a new sheriff in town. His badge is shiny as a new penny. His job is to save the town from the viles of the bandit. He saunters into the Prickly Pear Cantina™ and tips his hat to the barmaid. She notices his ruggedly handsome smile and gentle demeanor.

He says, "Howdy, ma'am."

"Can I whet your whistle, Sheriff?" asks the barmaid.

"Might I have one of them there margaritas - cactus margaritas?"

"You bet, Sheriff! That's our specialty here!"

Cactus Daiquiri Mix™

Life is hard in the Wild West. The dust, dirt, and short-tempered, unsavory clientele wreak havoc on the local saloon—causing nightly shooting matches between games of five-card stud and drunken brawls.

Supplies are scarce; nary a bottle of perfume is in sight.

The barmaid's only solace is the ruggedly-handsome sheriff in town and Cactus Daiquiris.

Cactus Sour Mix™

It was a sweltering sultry day in Texas. It was so hot that the cicadas wouldn't hum their shrill call, and the creeks had all run dry. The bandit lumbered into the bar, but his spurs clicked with every step. He hurled his saddle over the back of his usual chair and flung his holster onto the grimy floor.

Sauntering toward the bar, he hollered, "I need a drink, Lulu—something sour to fit my mood."

With his glass in hand, he turned to see a Hold 'em game underway at the corner table. A slow half-smirk spread across his weathered wrinkled face.

He slipped Lulu a pile of dirt-encrusted bills and said, "Keep 'em comin', girl—I'm goin' to be here for awhile."