About the Prickly Pear SALOON

Beth Zies, owner and creator of the Prickly Pear Saloon, delivered the whimsically-labeled Cactus Margarita™ Mix to gourmet shops in 25 oz. bottles for the restaurant and lounge or bar market in June 1998. A larger 32 oz. wine bottle concentrate Cactus Margarita juice is being marketed here.

The prickly pear cactus grows in the Southwest and Mexico along the side of the roads and is planted in decorative native plant gardens. The prickly pear fruit normally ripens and is ready for harvest during the late summer and early fall months. The flavor of prickly pears has been compared to kiwi, but not as acidic.

On the label, an armadillo boldly enjoying a frosty Cactus Margarita™. Within the picture, a faucet strategically placed in a group of the cactus tunas drips cactus juice into a bottle of the Cactus Margarita™. This bottle of Cactus Margarita™ is stabilized upright and guarded by a poised Texas rattle snake. The armadillo proudly wears a Texas badge and sports an engraved Texas gun in his holster. All proudly pose with an attitude in front of the Texas flag. Zies pronounces, "Beyond the informational art of the label, this is just a heck of a good tasting margarita." Just try it, you'll agree! Certainly not just lime juice and sugar in our bottles.

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People's Choice Award - Houston Hot Sauce Festival, 2005, 1st Place

Texas Fiery Food Show-Austin -- 1st place 2002

Texas Shoot Out: Cactus Margarita - 2nd Place

Texas Fiery Foods Show, Austin 2001: Cactus Daiquiri - 3rd Place

People's Choice Award - Houston
Hot Sauce Festival, 2002,
1st Place

International Zesty Foods Show,
Peoples' Preference Award